Music  from the 50's thru 80's
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        Zarkie Music 2012 Christmas Recital

Brooke ,Cass, DD   What Makes You Beautiful

Grace Bellinger      Take A Bow

Melody Fisher        Till There Was You

Cat Ulivi                Classical Performance

Martin Jaskiewicz    Guitar Performance

Morgan Ragsdale    The Climb

Pricilla Hong        Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

Alec Boeschen  &  Meaghan Shea      Oh Holy Night

Silent Night          Lauren.Johnny,Megan,Moria,Ethan,Haley,Pricilla,Ava

Grace Bellinger       Popular

All Tooned Up          Boogie Oogie Oogie

Johnny Adams        Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Seasons Of Love     Darlene,Cassidy,Morgan,Kyah,Olivia,Cassie,

Drew,Greg,Alec,Meaghan,Sequoia, Cat Lauren, Melody

Jeannie Fehr          As If We Never Said Goodbye pt 1       part 2

Jingle Bell Rock      All Tooned Up & Pumped Up Sound

Reagan Perniciaro & Grace Bellinger   What Is This Feeling

Lauren Kennedy      Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

Haley Clegg            Tomorrow 

Eathan Huegerich     Bad Day

Lets Stay Together    Pumped Up Sound -  Reagan Perniciaro  

Just A Kiss               Cassie & Olivia Hopkins

Cathy Soucy             Santa Baby

Cassidy McNeal          Taking Chances

Olivia Bellinger           Birch Canoe

Drew Hackett            You Raise Me Up

Darlene Honeycutt     O Come All Ye Faithful                                                 

  Zarkie Music 2011 Christmas Recital

Lauren Kennedy       Silent Night

All Tooned Up          The Ocean  & Rolling in The Deep

Lola Hennicke           O Holy Night              Piano/ Vocal instructor 

Rythm Rockers         Girl Put Your Record On

Emily Carmack         Merry Little Christmas

Marty Jaskiewicz       Sunshine of Your Love

Morgan Raney          Sky Scraper

Olivia Diaz              Guitar Duet

Cathrine Ulivi           Vocal Performance 

Rythm Rockers         Cowboy Casanova

Morgan Ragsdale      Where Are You Christmas

Miranda Difillippo      The Christmas Song

Paige Pommer           Cannon in D

Sophia Scozzari         Jingle Bell Rock